2nd and 4th Wednesday of the Month except January, no 4th night June July August 2nd Wednesday usually has Club Members in the first half and often a Guest in the 2nd half. 4th Wednesday of the month is Club Members all night. Occasionally these are switched round to suit Guest availability  Club Nights Bill Whall Sadly Passed RIP Josie Whall Alan Lewis Barbara Lewis Mary Cox Bryan Cox Read Hudson Kay Hudson Keith Hollis Cheryl Hollis Henry Plant David Warren Alan Young Beverley Young Life Members
CLUB T SHIRTS For Sale Welcome to Our Web site Next Club Night February 11th 8pm No Guest Door Club night with Local Guest: BG Members $5.00 Non BG Members $8.00 Club Night without Guest: All $3.00 Concerts and Overseas Guests TBA March 25thq Club Perf - Micah Spence and Christie Burns USA $10 (BG Members $8) April 8th Concert “Hamilton County Bluegrass Band” $25 (BG Members 20) June 10th Club Performers - Half Sourbelly String Band $8 (BG Members $5 July 8th Club Performers - Jam Tarts *